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When is a lost dog not lost?

Well . . . . we were fussing about no rain last week; this week we’re fussing about too much rain, not to mention too early in the day. You see, David and I had plans to get out and burn a pile of leaves (more like a small mountain) since the burn ban had  […]

What a Difference a Day Makes

Finally fall is in the air – up until a couple of days ago, it felt more like summer. And, for some reason, I have a problem with running the air conditioner in October. Just doesn’t seem right.  But today is nice and we’re looking for some much needed rain on Friday.  There have been […]

Fall Fever

We just got home from the doctor’s. It’s a beautiful October day – and both David and Bear are sound asleep. I’m sitting here staring at all the work that needs doing and thinking that I must have a bad case of ‘fall’ fever since I’m finding it very hard to get started on any […]