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Coffee Cake from Muffin Mix & Protein Smoothies

One thing you can be sure of . . .  things never go as planned.  While we did manage to get a chain hoist hung from the rafters of the carport so the riding lawn mower could be lifted . . . did not get the belt changed, yet.  Guess that will have to wait for […]

Tar Paper & Termites !!

This has been an interesting week.  I think I now know why you never – or maybe I should say rarely  – see  construction companies owned by women.  After a few years of sun and rain the back deck of the garage where the trash cans are stored was literally disintegrating.   So much so, there […]

A Tale of Two Rainbows

  Thought Easter would be the perfect time to share my tale of two rainbows with you. Seems life today is not easy . .  . and having to deal with a major illness does not make it any easier.  Had it not been for my faith, my prayers and the prayers of  so many […]