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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

Leftover Recipe: Spinach-Chicken Casserole

Lazy weekend. Had planned to do smoke some sausages and boudain – but just thought the weather looked a little too iff-y. Be my luck I’d get everything going and the rain would start – in spite of the fact that there was only a 10% chance of showers. Didn’t even want to chance hanging […]

Good & Goofy Things to Know

While searching through some old folders (on the computer), found the following.   Don’t remember where I saw it, but would have to say someone sent it to me a while back and I saved it thinking to try some of the ‘fixes’ at some point in time . . . which, of course, I haven’t. […]

A Little British Humour

Planning for the new family member (our puppy to be picked up next month) has meant making some changes around the yard. We’ve decided to abandon the garden and cover it over with dirt and grass. If I want veggies, I can use areas outside of the fence for planting – or I can just […]

Sugar Free Caramel-Apple Mini-Tarts

As suspected, things got hectic – so everything is running behind. Must confess, not everything was work. 🙂 And, before I continue – why is it that when you take a camera somewhere planning to take pictures . . . there’s nothing you want a picture of; and when you don’t have a camera (or […]