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Diminishing Dollars

Fabulous weekend! Spent part of the time working in the yard which included trimming the peach trees (slightly late for this chore), pruning the pear trees, dead-wooding the blueberries and general snipping and clipping. We haven’t done any planting or gardening and not sure we will this year . . . mainly because we are […]

24 Meals – 4 Hours Later

Think I can safely say, “I’ve lost the handle on my work schedule.” Can’t really blame spring fever. It’s almost too hot to qualify for spring. Guess part of my lack of getting things accomplished  could be chalked up to just trying to do too much. For example, decided on Friday I needed to replenish my […]

Happy Birthday David !

Today is David’s birthday which this year meant the couple of weeks leading up to the big day have been busy. Mainly due to the fact that his brother and sister-in-law came for a surprise visit.  I’d known about for a quite while but keeping it from David was another story. It was no small job […]