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Product Review: Viatek – Battery Re-charger

Last week did not work out as planned. We had intended on going Saturday to the International Gem and Jewelry Show in Houston – BUT – on Friday I managed to twist my back to the point where I spent the whole weekend stretched out in the recliner on the heating pad. I’m back to […]

Leftovers & Eco Heaters

It finally feels like winter. In fact, we were hoping for snow but got ice on Tuesday. It was very cold that day with a high of only 33 degrees. Brrrrrrrrr. There were even icicles hanging off the old iron bed frame outside the bathroom window and the blue cedars in the front of the […]

Don’t Get Between a Man and His Butter

I learned this the hard way today. We had just sat down to have lunch. A nice warm bowl of beef stew and a batch of garlic-cheese biscuits. We had the usual condiments on the table, salt, pepper – butter. I was reaching for the salt, when at the same time, David went for the […]

Bits & Pieces: Butter by the Inch; E15 Gasoline

These first few days of this new year have been very hectic. Seems whenever I take any time off – it is so hard for me to get back into a routine of work. What with all the websites (and blogs) we have – it took me just about all week and then some, just […]