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Christmas Memories

I read once that the important things in your life are the ones that leave an impression. I would guess that no one remembers the number one song or movie at the theaters when they were in the first grade, but I would bet just about everyone remembers their first grade teacher. It’s genuine, everyday […]

Mildred Ruth

Mildred Ruth – now there’s a name you don’t hear everyday. And one I hadn’t thought of in many years until yesterday. David and I were ‘sharing’ an apple. It’s kind of a daily routine for us – we have an apple snack middle of the morning. Honeycrisp are our favorites – they are crunchy […]

Christmas Tree Cake & Fun!

Seems like we’ve been doing a lot of running around this week. Went to Houston to visit my son and his lovely wife. They took us out to lunch at a fabulous Italian restaurant (for my birthday) and then – what a surprise…. they’ve been taking dancing lessons, so they took us to their dance […]