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Beautiful Fall Foliage

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lot’s of good food . . . here at home and at Larry and Judy’s. Yes, David got to scarf up on ‘Judy Food’ . . . lots of it. But it would be hard to say which we enjoyed more this Fall – the food or the gorgeous colors […]

Lemon Cake & Surviving

Hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week. It’s an unbelievable 78 degrees outside…. sunny….. and the butterflies are busy. Guess we’ll have to turn the A/C down to make it seem more like the Thanksgiving days I remember as a child. Went grocery shopping yesterday and finished up all the shopping that was left – […]

Helpful Hints – Part 1

My preferred way of doing something is the easy way. So, thanks to an email I received from Hilton last week, I have some new, easy hints to share with you. Some, I’d not seen before but they made such good sense. One or two, we’ve tried here at home. The toothpaste on the headlights […]

Veteran’s Day 2012 – 9 Restaurant Special Offers

  Some national restaurants are again offering specials for Veterans this year.  The following is from an online news story and  I wanted to pass it along for anyone that may not have seen it.    Each restaurant name is a link so you can go directly to their page to read about their offer.  If you know of someone that […]

Cheese Sauce – Plastic Wrap – Baked Potatoes

Would imagine I’m going to have twice as much laundry next couple of weeks thanks to this crazy weather. Cold in the morning and unseasonably hot in the afternoon. Same for the house – fireplace in the morning – A/C in the afternoon. With our changing clothes at least twice a day – David sometimes […]