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10 Hour Vacation to Old Henry Farm

With things being measured in hours these days – 5-Hour Energy, 8-Hour Diet, 12-Hour Relief, etc. – we decided to take a 10-Hour vacation yesterday and go visit our friend Frank. Frank runs one of the premier bi-annual antique shows at his Old Henry Farm  venue in Round Top. We got off to an early […]

Watch Out for ‘Gas Pump’ Credit Card Skimmers

It all started about two weeks ago with a phone call around 9 o’clock at night. David answered the phone – was silent for a while and then appeared to be answering a series of questions . . . all with a firm ‘no’. I was in the other room watching television – and needless […]

Product Reviews: Worx & Food Insurance

As anticipated, last weekend was deliciously wonderful. We spent most of the time outside snipping and clipping. And, we finally had time to test out the new Worx Blower-Vacuum we’d purchase a couple of months back. We bought it with the thought of getting the leaves out of the ivy growing around the pond as […]

The Lazy Baker

We all know food prices are going up – and with that being said, I do not like throwing out any food (or food items) – if at all possible. So when I had a ball of pie dough about the size of a softball left over the other day from making a cherry pie, […]