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Mushrooms & Vitamin D

Well, if I’d written this yesterday – like I had intended to – I’d be telling you how Fall had come to the country. That my yard was full of leaves and there was a hazy look to the distant horizon. But, since I’m writing this today, I’m thinking that I was completely wrong – […]

From Inflation to Standing Ovation

  In spite of the fact that the weather this week has been really nice, I’ve been spending most of my time inside working on the computer. Which translates to not much to talk about. I did find an old HEB grocery store receipt dated 2009 that I had stuck away just so I could […]

Sourdough Bread & Honey

Scorcher of a week. Temperature got up to 104 degrees, granted not as hot as last year but still plenty warm… even for this Native Texan Girl. With temperatures like that, it goes without saying, I have NOT been doing anything outside. This means I’ve either been working on the computer (always lots of work […]

Sour Dough & Som Sabadell

While the Chinese are celebrating the ‘Year of the Water Dragon’, we’re enduring the ‘Year of the Ant’. So far this year we’ve been through three battles with the Argentine ants – you remember, the ones that can strip plants in one night – and now we’re battling house ants, i.e., sugar ants. I can […]

Bamboo & Guacamole

We don’t go to many auctions any more – mainly because they’re just too far away. Which is probably a good thing. But we did go to one last weekend. It was an on-site auction held by our favorite auctioneer Johnny Norman. The home was lovely and the outside had lots of stuff. The guys […]