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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

Camping ‘City-Style’

Think it’s hot? Try going without A/C for a couple of days! So far this past week has been the hottest we’ve had all summer – 105 – and guess what…. our A/C decided to go out. Went out late Tuesday. Too late to call for help? Nope. David called Ron – the man that […]

BBQ Brisket Recipe

Spent all day Saturday smoking four briskets and eight links of boudin. If you’ve not heard of boudin, it’s best described as ‘Cajun sausage’. I’ve been told there are different varieties – some made with blood, no thank you.  The one we like is made of pork and rice blended with seasonings. Smoke it just […]

13 Helpful Tips

Love helpful tips and the email I received from Jerry this week had 13 tips I’d not seen . . . so passing them along. 1.  Use a comb to hold a nail in place while hammering to avoid hitting fingers. This would probably work for holding a screw as well. 2.  Rub walnuts over […]

3 Muffin Recipes & What to do with those ‘bits’

We sat out on the front porch last night, in the dark, listening to the rain. That’s something we usually do when the power goes out, but not last night. The power was on but we just decided it would be nice to take a break from television to watch the lightening, listen to the […]

Thumping Good! How to Pick a Watermelon

Guess we’re not the only ones enjoying the warmer weather . . . when David went on the deck earlier this week, there was a huge snake curled up next to the pond. From David’s description, it’s my opinion that the snake is the same one – or at least, same kind – that I […]