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3 Easy, Home-Garden Elixirs for Blooms, Tomatoes & Roses

My garden is producing very well this year, but have to wonder . . . if I’d found these garden recipes earlier, would it be doing better? The squash plants have  gone crazy – huge plants with lots of prickly leaves and stems..see picture at bottom of plant. Tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes […]

Stained Glass & Stained Glass Cookie Recipe

While cleaning out my paint room couple of weeks ago, found two pieces of leaded glass stashed under the barn-wood shelf that holds my what-nots. Can’t believe I had completely forgotten about those pieces of glass. They’re not large but very pretty and they used to hang in my kitchen window in Houston. When we […]

Perfect Boiled Eggs, Homemade Foaming Soap & Plums

You’ve heard the old expression, “when it rains, it pours”.   Guess this is true for fruit trees as well. Seems everything gets ripe all at once.  And, since this ‘city girl’ never learned how to can OR make preserves, and never will  (can you say botulism?) – we end up either having to eat a lot, […]

Big Puzzles for Grown-ups

If you’ve ever bought anything from Ikea and had to put it together, you’ll know what I’m talking about. All the bits and pieces, screws, pegs, nuts, bolts, and the strange little tools they send along for you to use – not to mention the confusing  directions. For quite a while now, I had been […]

Jail House Rock

This is too cute not to share . . . . Thanks for sending it to me Hilton . . .