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Day Trip: Edom & Lake Palestine

Ever so often, we decide to play hooky for a day, leaving the yard work, computer work and everything else behind.  And last Saturday was one of those days. We woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day – unseasonably cool and a beautiful clear sky. Certainly not a day to stay home no matter what […]

Spring Fever & Mole Update

Today is one of those wonderful days that you want to just curl up somewhere and take a nap. It’s a little dark outside (for middle of the day), lightly raining and the air feels nice and cool (68°). I find it curious that today should be so much different from yesterday when the sky […]

I’d Rather be Cake-Walking

After last week this week seems like a cake-walk. It all started after David watched an online financial webinar. After the webinar, he went to a website to read more about one of the topics, and that is when it all started. He received an AVG alert about a Trojan virus being detected. Normally, he […]

Think You’ve Got Ants ?

If you think you have ant problems, take a look at the picture below. Those very large mounds of terraced dirt are ant hills. They are at the edge of the road coming home. Can’t even imagine how many ants it takes to build something of that size – and what’s even more amazing, you’ll see places […]