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JawSaw by Worx

Well, I can definitely say Spring is here and Summer on the way – the trumpet vine is almost to the top of our very tall evergreen tree in the backyard and the pecan tree is leafing out. It is always the last tree to get its leaves. We planted that tree – along with another one that has since […]

Amazing Technology

Saw two videos this week that I thought were amazing and wanted to pass them along in case you hadn’t seen them. The first one has to do with a copy machine “on steroids” that can produce 3-D items and the second one has to do with making life more normal for those confined to using a wheelchair.  […]

Muffin vs. Cupcake

Since living out here on top of our little hill, we’ve found that there are times when we don’t see or talk to anyone for a week or so. That being said, David and I have had some strange conversations during these ‘spells’ – like the other morning when we had a discussion on the […]

Blackened Chicken Breast . . . Easy & Quick

 It’s winter again, cold and wet – so doubt if we’ll be going to an auction we had planned to attend Saturday.   We went there last weekend, primarily to see friends – as well as the thousands of Dallas Cowboy items they were auctioning off. This weekend they are to auction off the more traditional estate […]

Easy Homemade Sausage Kolaches

I’m ready to go outside. Spent the better part of the weekend getting tax stuff together. For some reason, always feel a great sense of relief when we get that finished. In spite of it all, did manage to find some time to do a little work in the yard. Got the crape myrtles trimmed […]