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Lady Fingers Napoli

  What a surprise. Went to close the front door last night and was treated to this beautiful sunset – looked like the sky was on fire.   With the weather warmer, David and I went out on the front porch to enjoy the scene and take a few pictures. Spring is definitely in the air – […]

Product Reviews: Sun Detergent & Dawn Power Clean

Found a couple of ‘new’ products that I think are worthy of mentioning. The first is the dish washer detergent that – in my opinion – actually works better than the more expensive gel name brands we had been using.  What is it? Sun . . . and surprisingly,  it’s the least expensive one on the […]

Pumpkin Bread & Sage Sausage

Made a quick trip to Palestine yesterday – shopping, of course – and decided to take a few pictures along the way to share since we were going to be taking a picture of a quail ‘coop’ for a friend. The trip really is a pretty one with lots of scenic views, i.e., rolling hills, […]

The Times They Are a Changing

This has been a very busy week. We went to Houston on Tuesday to attend a meeting with the Google AdSense Team. The meeting was very informational.   Note:  For those that might be interested, I’ll be posting some of the tips we learned on our Power to Earn Money blog in the coming weeks should […]