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Expensive Crackers ~ Cheap Batteries!

Just got back from doing a little grocery shopping at Brookshire’s in Buffalo. I don’t go there often mainly because – in my opinion – they are expensive by comparison, i.e., HEB. For example, one item on today’s list was Club Crackers (David just loves those things) – I usually buy them at Sam’s where […]

Carrot-Raisin Salad – a Luby’s Favorite (Reg & Lo-Cal)

We don’t eat out much anymore – mainly because there aren’t any ‘good’ restaurants close by. Just fast food places that serve hamburgers, pizza, BBQ and such. To get to what we call a restaurant would take us about an hour to get there. By the time we order and drive back home – making […]

Homemade Tasting Cinnamon Rolls From Canned . . . a Bigfoot Would Love

 This week has slipped by so fast almost missed getting this post up!   You may wonder what could take so much time?  How about taxes?!   The first of January is always a chore since I try to get all the tax stuff together  for the last year  . . . plus I like to finish […]

Ready or not…here it comes… 2012

Well, certainly hope everyone is off to a grand start this new year. We’d be doing a lot better if we hadn’t caught the ‘bug’ that seems to be going around. Seems everyone I’ve talked to has had ‘it’ or got ‘it’ . . . sinus and lingering cough. Thank goodness we’re on the down-hill […]