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Happy Thanksgiving! & Don’t Forget…..

Quick note to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving  – I know we’ll be enjoying our time off with family and friends.   Don’t forget – for those that are looking for sugar free cranberry sauce – you can get my recipe here … Sugar free Cranberry Sauce And,  if you want a break from traditional […]

Take 2 Aspirins…

…and call me in the morning. I like to think I’m in pretty good physical shape …. that is until I helped David with his projects like this last weekend.   After that experience, I have sore muscles in places I didn’t know I had muscles. And, lucky me, there wasn’t just one … but two such […]

Trees, (Burt’s) Bees & LEDs

When we moved to the country there was absolutely nothing here – no trees, no flowers, nothing. So I started planting trees – specifically trees outside my kitchen windows. This was because I spend so much time in the kitchen – I wanted to look at something pretty.   Well – 12 years later – my […]

Steaks and Cake …. Yummmmmmm

Glad to see this week start. My itching is almost gone and I’m ready for fall. Went shopping at the HEB on Saturday and found a new product on the baking aisle that I had to try. It is the HEB brand of seasoned flour. Had been using the Kentucky Kernel brand – but it […]