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Funny Doctor Stories

  Things have not been funny around the house this week – I got into some poison ivy last week when working in the yard and have been itching all week. Apparently not only does it cause inflammation to the skin but also impairs the brain because I couldn’t think of anything to write about […]

Lemon Pepper Shrimp

Winter has arrived . . . at least as far as I’m concerned. It was a chilly 41 degrees this morning when we got up – with a chance of  frost (you gotta be kidding me) maybe tomorrow. I don’t even have my coat out of the cedar chest yet!!   Better get it out quick […]

When is a Tomato Like a Frog?

Did you know…. that stepping on a small grape tomato feels just like stepping on a small frog?   You may wonder how I can make this statement with such confidence – obviously only from experience. Earlier this summer we were coming in from watching the stars on the deck  (it was quite dark) and much to my […]

Breath-taking Video

I’ve always thought getting away from the city and visiting some of the National parks was the best vacation ever.  So, when I saw the video below,  knew I had to share it with you.  It is a time lapse video which appears to have been taken in Utah and Arizona.  I recognize some of the places, […]

Lemon Chess Pie

At 50 degrees it feels like Fall this morning . . . nice and cool with clear blue skies. The far hay field has turned green (again) and the grass in the near field (which needs mowing) is trying to push through the dried up grass but having quite a struggle. I’ve noticed some of […]