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Ham vs. Bacon….$2.68 vs. $4.50

Went grocery shopping in Palestine this week and I continue to be amazed at the increase in food prices – particularly bacon … not much there other than ‘fat’. Breakfast is not a big deal with me – I can take it or leave it – but David has to have a proper breakfast with […]

5 Quick Cooking Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

I can’t believe it’s Friday! As you can tell, I’m way behind this week on ‘stuff’. Every once in a while seems there is week that gets out of sync for some reason – and this is one of them. Maybe the trip to Palestine on Wednesday is the cause – anyway sounds like a […]

You Fried What !?!

Would guess like most folks that live here in Texas, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the fires. And, while the fires in our general area have been nothing to compare to the catastrophic fires in the Bastrop area – any fire or fire threat is to be taken seriously. The air has been […]

Cucumbers – More than just a salad

We’ve all seen the ad on television and in magazines with the lady having a facial and there she lays all goo-ed up with a cucumber slice on each eye. Ever wonder if that really helped? or did it just make for an interesting picture? Well, according to an email I received, it seems that […]