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Chicken Spaghetti

Monday-Wednesday Still hot (100+) and still inside this week. Pretty much just been doing some cooking. Since I really like to save $$$ by using leftovers, I’ve been concocting some new dishes – as you know I don’t like eating the same thing two times in a row if I can avoid it – and […]

When is a Quiche not a Quiche?

With the weather still too hot to do much outside other than water, there’s not been a lot going on around here. So, thought I’d share a couple of recipes that are good for either brunch or a light supper. One has chicken; the other is meatless – both are delicious. So when is a […]

Ants! and More Ants!!

In case you’re wondering…. last week was an ordeal by all accounts. Seems if something could go wrong, it did. First and foremost my computer was down and out for the count – had to have the power supply replaced. That took all week waiting on repair man! Then the lawn mower went out – […]