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Lasko ‘Utility’ Fan is like ……

Sometimes you buy something you think you’re going to like – and then are pleasantly surprised to find that out that it much better than expected and you wish you’d bought two. Such was the case with our latest purchase – a Lasko ‘utility’ fan. It’s not one of your typical ‘home’ fans – you know […]

Quick Breakfast Rolls & Orange Cream Cheese Biscuits

I’ve been doing some filing today and came across a cookbook I got somewhere along the way. . . full of recipes using Bisquick. Now while the recipes call for Bisquick – my preferred ‘store bought’ biscuit mix is Pioneer because the things I fix with it seem to have a lighter texture. It really […]

Humpty-Dumpty Has Got Nothing on Me

There’s a first time for everything – and my first time to drop a carton of eggs as I brought them in to the house from the grocery was last weekend. The bag had a split down the side – so don’t know if I can lay claim to it not being my fault or […]

Roku is…Not a Japanese Noodle

I  am definitely NOT a gadget person – in fact, if it weren’t for David I’d probably still be watching black and white TV – so when he decided he wanted to get Netflix via Roku I may have been silent on the outside but I was groaning on the inside. And to that I […]