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Hard Drives & Zucchini Fritters

The last two weeks have been rather interesting – although I think nerve-wracking might be a better choice of words. As you know, we do quite a bit of computer work for ourselves and clients. Some of these files were backed-up on an external hard drive….. which to my horror crashed about two weeks ago. […]

Best Fried Chicken …. Ever

Read on the Internet that living in the country is less stressful than living in the city – although you couldn’t tell that the way this last week has gone. We’ve been sooooo busy. Went to visit some dear friends last week – had a grand time. Lots of laughs and some of Peggy’s delicious […]

Thinking Outside the Box

One thing I’ve learned about living in the country, since  it’s an hours drive to the store – any store – you learn to think outside the box (OTB). Sometimes these OTB fixes are born of necessity – like running out of milk for the cream sauce so I use powdered creamer (not as tasty but acceptable) – and […]

Sleep……by Eric Whitacre

Back on the computer this week… sort of. My body is here and I’m typing but my brain is still relaxing on the deck sipping  iced tea while I watch the hummingbirds on the feeder. It was so nice to take some time off and relax – even at that did manage to get a […]