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Bee in Your Bonnet?

Most of the time, things pretty much move along out here at a steady pace. There are always meals to cook  (yup, still cooking 3 meals a day), lots of computer work to be done and all the other general maintenance stuff, i.e., laundry, house cleaning, yard, gardening, shopping, etc., that goes along with living day-to-day. […]

Good Ideas . . . Gone Bad

Could it be that a ‘good idea gone bad’ is some how related to ‘Murphy’s Law’?   That is to say when you have what you think is a really good idea, but it turns out at some point down the line it wasn’t such a good idea after all . . . and, I might add, […]

Bloopers & Beef

TGIF!!  Received an email from Jerry this week filled with church bulletin ‘bloopers’ – some really funny.  You can read them at the following  link . . . Bloopers Also received an email from Becky about X-rays – I’d never thought about it but protecting the thyroid from exposure is important. Read why your thyroid needs […]

Tractors: The Good & The Bad

When we moved to the country all those years go – little did I know that having a tractor (little and big ones) was to be a major part of the process . . . for a guy. The first opportunity that came along; we [ and I’m using the collective we ] purchased a tractor. While, I […]

3 Ways to Give New Life to Old Furniture

Can’t believe it’s cold again today. So far, we’ve made it all the way to a high of 55 degrees – and weather report indicates it will get down into the 40’s tonight. That being said, sure am glad I took advantage over the weekend (when it was nice and warm)to knock out a couple […]