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TV Casting Call…. R U a Collector?

By way of our Texas Antique Mall  website – we received an email from a Casting Director looking for collectors that would like to be considered for a new TV show.  There is a very short deadline on this – May 6, 2011 (Friday).  So, if you think you’d be interested or if you’d just like […]

Weather Update & Pesto-Parmesan Breadsticks

For those that may be wondering about all the bad weather we’ve been having here in Texas – let me say, we made it through without too much damage – and it could have been a lot worse believe me. Although if you would have asked me about that yesterday,  you probably would have gotten a […]

Strawberry Cake

Just came from uploading 2 new recipes from a few years back when we were still living in Houston and I was working downtown !!!   Strawberry Cake … made from a box mix and frozen strawberries  and Sweet Potato Casserole…made from fresh or canned sweet potatoes, brown sugar and pecans.  Both are delicious!!   Enjoy!

Macrobiotic Diet, Shoppy Bag & Irises

Shoppy Bag?    Got a strange email the other day saying I had been ‘tagged’ to open a picture. It was from someone I knew and trusted so I went to the link to check out the process since I’d never heard of ‘shoppy bag’. Thought maybe it was a new photo sharing site. The link […]

Scrumptious Fried Shrimp

Is it just me or have you noticed empty shelves at the grocery? It seems every time we go shopping I find shelves that aren’t stocked. Whole sections that are completely empty. I don’t believe I can ever remember anytime in my life when grocery shelves weren’t full. Not to mention the price increases on […]