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New Braunfels Smokers & 111’s

Received an interesting email from Jerry (“Cat Lady” Mexican Casserole)  the other day that I found interesting, amazing, or whatever else you might want to call it. I’ve posted a copy of the email text below for you to read . . . . This is Very intriguing: ‎This year we’re going to experience four […]

Frozen Peach Update

Frozen peach update: It works! What with the peach trees in full bloom figured I better use some of the frozen peaches   from last year – and I wanted to see if they would keep the texture  of  a fresh peach or turn into mush. Put this to the test over the weekend by making some apricot-peach fried pies.   […]

Chocolate Cake-in-the-Pan

 This is a quickie post but didn’t want you to miss out . . . especially if you love chocolate.  This is a wonderful homemade moist chocolate cake that’s covered with a creamy chocolate fudge frosting.  I’ve had this recipe forever, but sometimes the old ‘tried and true’  ones are the best.   . . Chocolate Cake […]

Cars, Moles, & More Quick Tips

We went to Dallas last week – what an ordeal ! We had gone to see about buying a ‘new’ car – which we did. A friend (David) had told us about a place that basically sells wholesale but does sell to the public as well. They have an Internet site and sell about 150 […]

Flying Biscuits!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – something happens to prove you wrong.   Such was the case when baking biscuits for breakfast last week. Everything was going fine, had the sausages cooked, the gravy was finished and I went to check on the biscuits. After about 15 minutes, they look just about done but […]