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Pillsbury Sugarfree Cake Tips

I’ve often thought – too bad people aren’t more like bears – we could hibernate all winter long avoiding all the extra weight we seem to put on simply because there’s nothing else to do but eat! I think the only thing that keeps us from packing on the pounds is that we have our […]

Chicken Recipes – Bourbon/Salsa

Short note to say I’ve just uploaded two new recipes for chicken….nice and tasty for a winter’s meal. Salsa Chicken – made with taco seasoning, chunky salsa and peach preserves.  Of course, if you’re watching sugars – use sugar free preserves.  Get recipe here. Bourbon Chicken – this is really good with wild rice.  And […]

I Never Knew Eggs Could Whistle . . .

. . . until last week. We’d gone to Crockett to do our grocery shopping. Our once- every-three-weeks major grocery shopping at that. Got home, unloaded everything … then on putting all the stuff away, found I was a little short on space in the egg bin …. so decided to boil a few eggs for […]

Moose Sheets & Panini

When we put ‘moose sheets’ on the bed I know there is no doubt that winter is here. We put the ‘moose sheets’ on the bed last weekend. That means we’re expecting well below freezing temps just about every night with the highs not out of the 40’s. If you’re wondering about my strange linens […]

Privacy Alert !

Want to give you a heads-up on a new website I just heard about – It is touted as being ‘Not Your Grandma’s Phone Book – and I would have to agree. Without knowing all the details of how it works – it appears that they harvest information from the web including information from social sites […]