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Last of the Summer Projects

Finished up what will probably be my last project for the season (unless I decide to dig out all that grass for the herb beds) and that was to put in a small – it’s actually more like tiny – flower bed next to the goldfish pond. Had intended on doing this for quite a […]

Asparagus & Jalapenos . . . again

…. After posting about asparagus a couple of weeks back, I received an email from friends Hilton and Peggy. It more or less takes the asparagus theory to the next level . . . a more in depth look at the vitamin content and how asparagus works to help the body’s cell production. For those of […]

Not All Angels Have Wings

In this day of social networking and constant communications – it is hard to believe that unless people  are using an electronic device of some sort  they  won’t – can’t – don’t communicate with another human being.   But, it would seem this is true. This references “The Ordeal” David and I went through last Thursday while […]

Pizza in a Pinch (Tandoori Pizza)

With the coming of September, we can definitely see fall in the air. The leaves are starting to tumble from the old oak, the morning sun doesn’t shine directly in through the window waking us at 6:00am anymore and there’s a lovely soft haze across the hills.   The shadows seem to have taken on a […]

Jalapenos: Nano’s Spicey-Spread & Macaroni Salad

Seems there’s been so much going on – don’t really know where to start. Had a wonderful weekend in the Austin area visiting Monica, Mark, Peyton (the adorable, perfect grandbaby), David’s brother Jack and his wife Jerry. Whenever we go back to a big city, it always amazes me how busy the traffic is; how […]