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Wolf & Wiggy . . .

cement guys extraordinaire.  If you’re looking for someone to do cement work, you need these guys. But before I tell you how really good they are – I have to say that David and I actually considered doing the work ourselves. Why not… after all we’d built the carport, the deck with kitchen, my paint […]

Scrumptious Smothered Steaks

With the temperature staying in the triple digits and going as high as 110 on some days, we’ve pretty much been trying to finish our outside chores by 10am and then stay inside for the rest of the day. About the only time I go out is to move the water sprinklers. Living in the middle of a […]

Got Asparagus?

Every once in a while you read something that if  true,  it would be wonderful – and you feel obligated to pass it along.   Such is the case with an email I received this last week  from a friend.  (Thanks, Becky!)   David and I are firm believers in taking vitamins, herbs and supplements like […]


Went to a Celebrating Home party last weekend and had a grand time. If you’ve not heard of Celebrating Home they sell decorator items, cooking items and – my favorite – pre-measured, packaged  food mixes…. with everything being presented  in a party atmosphere. The party was hosted by Nancy and Lori with Nancy’s daughter – Shalane  […]