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Pork Tenderloin with Italian Herbs

It’s been just too hot to do much this week – although against better judgement, David and I did start cleaning out the garage in anticipation of a new cement floor. To stay ahead of mealtimes, I’ve done a little extra cooking so that I can just re-heat and mix-n-match the leftovers. That being said […]

Does Krylon Plastic Paint Work?

Repainted the shutters on the house this last week. That is David did. After about 10 years of sun, rain and heat they were looking pretty shabby. It was easy enough to take them down and since they’re vinyl – and there wasn’t any damage just fading – we opted to paint them rather than […]

Stars, Peaches & Gold

Many years ago a friend of mine used to joke that all ‘country folks’ did was sit around, watch the grass grow, and the old car rust. At that time (being a full-time city girl), that sounded funny…. but after a dozen years of living in the country – I no longer agree. There’s so […]

Judy Food

There’s Italian food, there’s Chinese food and then there’s ‘Judy’ food. I would venture to say that no one outside the family – except maybe those living in East Texas  – even know of Judy food.   By David’s definition, Judy food is anything prepared by my cousin Judy. She is a fabulous cook and anything […]


Although I’ve been busy lately, I’m finding it difficult to find something to talk about. I’m going to blame that on the weather. I’m definitely a sunshine kind of girl and we’ve been having rain – which is good. But having grown up on the Gulf, the sky looks very much like hurricane weather. For […]