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Red, White & Blueberry Trifle & Slip Covers

I’ve spent just about every evening (after 8 when it’s cool-er) picking blueberries. I am stunned how many blueberries that one bush has produced. We’ve really enjoyed them and I’m sure I’ll have enough in the freezer to last me a few more months. Right now my plan is to make a trifle for the […]

Honey, did you burp the beaker?

With the temperatures hitting the upper 90’s around 10am, we’re not doing as much work in the yard . . . . but have been taking time to sit on the deck just to enjoy the breeze and watch the birds. The birds we have here are not the same varieties we had in the city. […]

Three (3) Pan Breakfast

No excuses for being slow with this post – but  in defense, I have to say it has been very busy around here. We did quite a bit of work in the yard over the weekend – replaced the cedar border along the front flowerbed with rocks. Looks much nicer.  Also bought some shredded cedar mulch to fill […]

Plums & More Plums . . .

WOW – didn’t know one tree could produce so many plums!! We’ve been picking plums for over a week and there are still more coming. Mind you they’re not very big – but boy are they sweet. We’ve given a lot of them away . . .  hate to see them go to waste – but we’ve still […]