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Memorial Day – Remember

Words cannot express how much we owe those who serve our great country . . . this video from FoxNation doesn’t need words. Please take a moment to share the joy of “Troops Returning Home to Surprised Loved Ones” . . .

Twice Baked Potato – Quick & Easy

Summer is here! At any rate the temperature sure feels like it. David and I went picking blackberries early this morning. Found a HUGE bush growing around one of the trees on the far hill. It is loaded with berries as big as the end of my thumb. Only takes a few minutes to fill […]

Breakfast Burittos, Moles & Gold

Things have really been busy around the hay field. Seems we’ve been doing a lot of running – went shopping in Bryan (bought some fabric to make slip covers for the lawn chairs) and then to Houston to visit my son and his lovely bride. Getting away is always fun but seems chores always double […]

Sugar Free Apricot Pies & More

….. Things have been extraordinarily busy around here. Spent Saturday working in the yard and garden – perfect weather. I’ve got all my vegetable plants set out and David had some old coffee cans stashed in the red barn so we cut the bottoms out and pressed them into the dirt around the plants mole […]

Mother’s Day Wishes . . .

For those of us that no longer have our moms around – Mother’s Day is a bitter-sweet time. Most of us have families, spouses and of course, our children that make the day special – however, it sometimes seems there’s nothing  more empty than a Mother’s Day without ‘Mom’. I was blessed to have the […]