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Lemon-y Delight Bars & Politicians

Haven’t made up my mind yet whether or not I’ll attend ‘my favorite auction’ this weekend. Johnny Norman is having an on-site auction in Wortham – sounds like it will be a good one and I have bought some very interesting things at his sales. One of my all time favorites purchases is a diary […]

CB Predators – Gobble up $$$$$$

  This program just went live this week and looks like it is just the thing for those that might be looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars from home on their computer – and want to do it automatically (only takes 18 clicks of the mouse). If you’ve been looking for a way to […]

Spring Fever – Just a Nice Way to Say Lazy?

OK – I usually get a lot done around the house – particularly over the weekend. Not this one. Spring fever or lazy – whatever you call it, I didn’t get much of anything done this weekend. Did manage to wash the film of yellow pollen off the porches . . . including the all […]

Orange Chicken, Green Recycling

Seems to be a green world we live in and while I’m not totally into the ‘green thing’ I do like to recycle when possible. When we lived in Houston, we had a plastic bin we put paper, plastic and glass into for garbage/recycle pick-up. Now that we’re in the country when we take stuff […]

Sugar Free Strawberry Trifle & Happy Birthday

Having a chance to share a holiday with Aunt Rose – she’s a spry 101 – is something everyone in the family enjoys – and this Easter weekend was no exception. After an iffy Friday in the weather department – Saturday turned off beautiful. We went to my cousin’s home in Crockett (Joe and Nancy […]