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Mortal Combat….hmmmmm, not exactly

Sunday afternoon was set aside to work in the garden. However, on my way to the garden I encountered a couple of lizards. It was a pair of those usually cute little green lizards that look somewhat like the Geico gecko – but they were obviously in a major turf dispute and had morphed into […]

Spring & Salmon Croquettes

Went to my favorite auction on Saturday – Johnny Norman in Reagan. He had a different twist this week – where he ‘rented’ tables to individuals and they could bring stuff in and he would auction it off for a flat fee. Made it very interesting. You didn’t know until you got there what you […]

Spring in Texas is More than Bluebonnets

Spring time here in the country never ceases to amaze me at how wonderfully perfect a day can be. With cool temperatures, slight breezes, clear blue skies and warm sun – you can do anything outside and be comfortable. I try to enjoy as many of these days as I can – because I know […]

Plumbing Woes…..

Living in the country is peaceful, relaxing and hassle-free – most of the time. However, when things go wrong they go wrong big time. Such has been the case the last 2 weeks here on top of the hill. Plumbing problems are bad anytime – even a leaky faucet is irritating . . . but […]

Money, Money, Money

Things have been so busy around here I haven’t had much time to do anything – anything that I like that is.  🙂 Of course, it’s tax time …..again – so most of the weekend was dedicated to getting papers together. Just about have it all sorted out – so it’s off to the CPA […]