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See Pictures of Tornado Shelter Installation

More Helpful Hints

Received these helpful hints from my cousin Lynn this morning – who had gotten them from her niece Kim.  Some I had heard of before, some I had not – and a few of them I had forgotten about.  They are all good,  worth remembering and definitely worth passing along. Bananas – take your bananas apart when you […]

Snowflakes – Up Close & Personal

We’ve always heard that no two snowflakes are alike . . . hard to imagine when you think how many gazillions there are of them. But after looking at the black and white photographs taken by Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) you’d have to agree. I saw these few images on the ‘The Fox Nation’ website earlier […]

Snow . . . Rare as ‘Hen’s Teeth’

While snow in our part of Texas might not be quite as rare as hen’s teeth – we don’t see it very often – so when we do it’s a pretty big deal. For those of us who are ‘snow challenged’ – any amount of snow is something we’re not used to dealing with – […]

Molina’s Mexican Restaurant Relish

I’ve been digging through recipes today looking for a recipe to make a carrot and onion relish we used to eat in Houston. This relish was served at Molina’s Mexican restaurant . . . a few years back.   If I remember correctly – the original restaurant was located on Westheimer.  When you’d go in they would […]

The ‘Eyes’ Have It

We’ve all had our eyes play tricks on us – and the pictures here are no exception. Saw these today on the site and thought they were some of the better illusions I’ve seen.  They all seem to ‘move’ when you look at them.  Some I found to have more ‘movement’ than others.    There […]