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Shopping for Pear Trees & Upside-Down Pear Cake

That wonderful ‘warm’ weather we had last week didn’t last for long. However, it did last long enough for David and me to go out yesterday and buy a couple of pear trees to set out. Ordinarily we wouldn’t do something like that on a weekday but we were without power yesterday. The electric co-op […]

Blueberry-Apple Pocket Pie . . . Sugar Free!

While rummaging in the fridge looking for lost left-overs I found an apple. Being that apples seem to have a pretty good ‘shelf’ life – it looked OK – but I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to eat raw. But – on the other hand – not much you can do with […]

The Cat-Lady’s Mexican Casserole

I’m always excited to get a new recipe – especially one that’s both delicious and easy. The meal we had for lunch today was a recipe I got from David’s sister-in-law – affectionately known as the ‘cat lady’ –  who lives near Austin. It’s a yummy casserole with a Mexican flavor including green chilies, corn tortillas and cheese. […]

Do Hand Sanitizers Effect Your Jewelry?

It was yucky last week – raining and cold. However, David and I took advantage of a break on Wednesday to do some shopping in Palestine – stocked up on a few groceries, mailed a package and ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant – El Toro. Of course, what’s a trip to town without a stop […]

Zucchini Bread and Frozen Pipes

We’ve had some of the coldest weather I can ever remember this last week. We got down to 13 degrees – and for a gal that grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast – believe me that’s cold. I know it’s colder just about every where else, and I know people up north are still […]