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Warning: Email Virus

Delivering a virus by email has been around for a while but with Christmas coming up and lots of packages being ordered online and shipped, thought it would bear posting just in case you haven’t heard about it. The newest virus circulating is based on your receiving an email regarding either UPS or FedEx Delivery […]

Cinnamon Glazed Pecans aka Rodeo Nuts

  If you’ve ever been to a rodeo – or maybe a state or county fair – chances are you’ve probably eaten some of those delicious cinnamon glazed nuts or at the very least smelled that wonderful aroma as you passed by the vendor. Most of the time they carry a pretty hefty price – […]

SNOW !!!????

Winter is apparently here as they are forecasting snow for tomorrow. If you have any knowledge of Texas you already know that snow – particularly in the lower part of the state – is almost non-existent. Maybe in January or February . . . but December. Not a chance. So guess we’ll see if what […]

‘The’ Uprising by MUSE

I’ve been hearing snippets of this song on the television over the past few weeks –  it was used in one of the promos for the television series ‘V’ . . .  as well as for some other promos that totally escape me at the moment.  It has a very distinct sound and if you’ve heard it and […]