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Sunsets & Cinnamon Cider

It has been a beautiful Fall so far – lots of reds, yellows, maroons and rust colors to be seen. When we lived in the city we never really got to see the beauty of it all – everything seemed to be in a capsule. We’d see one pretty tree driving down the street or […]

Salute to All Veterans . . . Past & Present


Robins in Reverse

Went out this morning to see the hay field in front of the house full of Robins. I had to wonder – when you see Robins in March it announces the coming of Spring . . . so does this rule of Nature work in reverse . . .  when you see Robins in November does […]

Easy Eggnog Ice Cream

If I had to pick one thing I really missed when we left Houston, it would have to be Baskin-Robbins Eggnog Ice Cream. They only have it around Thanksgiving and Christmas – but I used to wait all year for that ice cream. There was just something wonderful and special about it. We made a […]

A Snoopy-kind of Philosophy for Life

I’ve been collecting Snoopy ever since I was about 10 years old – and have always thought that the ‘Snoopy’ Philosophy – aka Charles Schultz Philosophy – was a good one. Only a few years ago did I actually find it in print. The Peanuts philosophy takes life – as David would say – right […]