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October Garden To Do’s

October in East Texas is absolutely fabulous and Saturday and Sunday were in deed wonderful. Nice cool temps – had to wear a flannel shirt all day!, low humidity, clear blue sky and just enough wind to keep it cool. We actually got quite a bit accomplished – along with some sore muscles to prove it. […]

Healthy Foods & What They Do For You

Got an email the other day from a friend that contained what I thought was an excellent chart on various fruits, vegetables and other foods in relation to what they can do for you to help keep you healthy. While David and I take quite a few vitamins, I still like to include as many […]

Think Twice Before Spending Silver Coins

If you’ve been watching the metals market, you’ve seen both gold and silver go up in price recently. And, while most of us don’t have any gold coins laying around – we all probably have a few old silver coins stashed away somewhere in a drawer. Right now their silver value is worth more than […]

Shrimp Gumbo Soup

Looking back – I should have made more of the shrimp-gumbo soup for today. It is still raining, overcast and quite cool as was the whole weekend. That being said – we didn’t get very much accomplished – outside anyway. David is using some leftover radiant barrier to insulate his red barn. When we had […]

Sugar Free Cream Puffs

Today it’s raining and the temperature is dropping – a good day to stay inside and bake. Thought I’d make some cream puffs. They are a little more labor intensive than most desserts – especially if you bake the shells from scratch – but they are soooo good. To make the puff pastry shells you […]