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Happy ‘Snoopy’ Halloween

As far as holidays go – Halloween seems to have a more significant role than in the past. In fact, the stores have just about as much merchandise dedicated to ghosts and goblins as they do to Christmas. However, growing up I didn’t need anything ghostly on Halloween – because we lived in what I […]

Blackened Seasoning Mix . . . & Fall Leaves

Not a whole lot going on in the country today – but we are beginning to see some beautiful fall colors. The tree outside my kitchen window is a perfect example of my definition of what a fall tree should look like. Lots of irregular shaped leaves (still attached) and all of them red. I’m […]

Fettuccini Alfredo – Low Fat

There’s something warm and comforting about eating Fettuccine Alfredo – especially on a cool day. It’s been nice and cool around here so I got out my favorite cookbook – Healthy Homestyle Cooking by Evelyne Tribole and whipped up some ‘low fat’ Alfredo sauce. While the recipe calls for fettuccine – we like it on […]

Freezers: Upright vs. Chest

I like easy. . . and I like anything that makes my life easier. So I was really happy when they delivered the freezer last week. It’s a little bigger than I would have wanted – but David believes in always  buying ‘up’.   We bought a frost-free, upright freezer (easier to use).  I had a chest freezer many […]

Czech Kolaches

Those of us who are of Czech heritage have long known the delight of eating kolaches. As a child, going to visit Grandma in the country meant sneaking into the little pantry off the kitchen to snitch a kolache from the old pie safe where – what seemed to be mountains of them – had […]