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How to Calculate Gold Value for Jewelry

While watching television the other evening I was amazed to see the number of commercials advertising companies that either ‘buy’ gold or ‘sell’ gold.  I’m no economist – but I can read between the lines – and I’m guessing that with the value of the dollar slipping – people are turning to gold for either […]

When does $1.00 = $10,000 ?

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1,000 Catalogs

I can remember as a young child looking through the Sears catalog at my Aunt Francis’ house in Seguin. It was always a treat to get to look at all the pretty pictures and I spent many an hour pouring through it. However, catalog shopping was never part of my life until we moved to […]

Sticker Shock !!!!

No – I’m not talking cars. I’m talking groceries. Since I only do major grocery shopping every 3 weeks or so, I tend to notice changes in prices more than if I shopped every week. That being said I was amazed to see how – in just a few weeks – prices had increased on […]

Does ‘Sugar Free’ Really Mean ‘No Sugar’?

My brother-in-law, Dr. Jack Moncrief – a world renown Nephrologist – answered this question for me when I mentioned a few months back that I was going to put up a website with ‘sugar free’ recipes. You can read his response at ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free’ where I have the website online – […]