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I Love Fall

Fall is in the air – woke up this morning to a delicious 59 degrees outside . . . hazy sky and leaves tumbling out of the big old oak tree in the front yard. Like my mom, I think fall is my favorite season. You have the nice cool weather but you still enjoy […]

Ninfa’s Green Sauce

Most of my weekend – couldn’t get it out of my mind -was spent  thinking about the ‘good’ green sauce Ninfa’s served many years ago.  So… being a big recipe clipper when we lived in Houston – I just knew that recipe was buried somewhere amongst all my other recipes – the ones that got shuffled out to the […]

Queso (Cheese) with Shrimp . . . Yummmm

Made a trek yesterday to College Station to do some shopping.  On our way into town we passed a Ninfa’s Restaurant.  For those not familiar with Ninfa’s – they started in Houston many years ago – and then kind of faded away – and now it would seem to be popping up again as this appeared […]

Butterflies . . . Heaven & Earth

Butterflies – those lovely delicate creatures that seem to just float along on the breeze with no particular direction have long been a favorite of collectors. There are those that enjoy collecting various specimens for the more scientific pursuit, there are those that enjoy collecting butterfly objects simply for the beauty of it all . […]

Sugar Free Peach Fried Pie

You don’t hear much about fried pies anymore. It seems today that almost everything fried is demonized. But I like fried pies – and once about every ‘blue moon’ – I decide to make a batch. They had some beautiful peaches at the store so I bought a few with fried pies in mind. I […]