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Bloomin’ Sage Tree

Spectacular blooming sage ‘tree’ bush filled with butterflies and hummingbirds.

Colorado ‘Olathe’ Corn

I can’t think of anything I don’t like about Colorado – but one thing I really like is their ‘Olathe’ corn.  Every year beginning about mid-July I start watching the on line Kroger ads. In our area Kroger is the only store that carries it. As soon as I know this special corn is available, I head to […]

Favorite Things

When I was working in an office in Houston I always dreaded Mondays.  If anything was going to go wrong – Monday was the day.  When we moved to the country I thought Mondays would be kinder to me.   All those difficult Mondays would be behind me.   I have learned that is not so.  Today was ‘one […]

Surge Protectors vs. Mongolian Beef

I couldn’t make up my mind which topic I wanted to talk about – surge protectors  or Mongolian beef – so I decided to talk about both.  The surge protector issue came up when the new kitchen stove was delivered and the delivery man started talking to us about how everything these days  is electronic and needs to […]

Outdoor Kitchen

Whoa !!  What a busy week-end.   We had a break from the heat – high only in the 90’s –  so we took advantage of  the ‘cooler weather’ to do some outside chores we had put on hold.  I should say David did some outside chores.  I pretty much cooked all weekend long so I would have […]