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A Memorial

Four things you can’t recover – The Stone after the throw . . . the Word after it’s said . . . the Occasion after it’s missed . . . and Time  after it’s gone.  This is a tribute to my Uncle George Charles Cermak- we buried him last week.  As a child I remember […]


Snakes aren’t exactly my idea of    ‘joy of country living’  but they are a  fact of country life.   Aside from my own recent experiences with snakes, I’ve talked to several people who have also encountered snakes while working in their yards.   When I received an email from a friend this morning about the increase in […]

Banana-Blueberry Pie ~ Sugar Free

After a somewhat crazy week (more on that later) – I found time to make David’s favorites for Father’s Day.  Shrimp for the main course and one of his favorite desserts – Banana-Blueberry Pie.  This recipe is a take on a pie we used to eat at Luby’s in Houston. The recipe I’m posting is how […]

Survival 101

Learning to survive in the country after living my whole life in the ‘big’ city was a real challenge.  However, I find myself  looking a new direction regarding survival what with the economic climate such as it is.  That being said, David and I have decided we need to hoard.  Not just anything.  But mostly […]

Hydrangeas & Ammonia

Since most of my week is spent in front of the computer – I always look forward to getting outside  and the weekend wasn’t a disappointment.  I always marvel a the color and size of  hydrangeas.  I have 3 large bushes and considering they’ve  been transplanted several times since we moved here – it’s a […]