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Sweet Pickles from Dill Pickles

When possible I like using fresh,  homemade ingredients whenever I cook.  That even includes the lowly pickle relish.  But, in order to get the homemade relish to deliver the taste I want – I have to start with  the right pickle.  The only pickles I use for making my  ‘homemade relish’ are sweet pickles I have made from dill ones.   They are crisp, easy to make and have a […]

My Favorite Country Auction

After moving to the country, it didn’t take me long to decide that one of my favorite pastimes was going to country auctions. David and I quickly found several auctions within a 100 mile radius that we could attend and still get back home all in one day. Went to my very favorite auction this past […]

Pruning Peach Trees

Lately, the weather here has been exceptional. Temperatures in the 60’s, clear blue skies and low humidity. The kind of weather you wouldn’t mind having all year round. The kind of weather that says, ‘Hey get off that computer and go outside . . . do something, anything – just get the heck out of […]

Sugarfree Banana Pudding

I love cooking and cook three meals a day. However, when David was diagnosed as a Type II-diabetic about 15 years ago, I had to make significant changes to my way of cooking – particularly my dessert recipes.  I have converted many different desserts to ‘sugarfree’, i.e., – no added sugar – and will be […]